GOP Planning Services

In order to be able to operate off grid systems optimally, a well-founded design and dimensioning of the system is essential. In this way, uneconomical overcapacities can be avoided, and the durability of technical components such as batteries and inverters can be increased significantly.
In this sector we are happy to support you with our expertise and look forward to receiving your project enquiry.

The success of a design/calculation depends decisively on the reliability of the data provided for this purpose.

In order to guarantee an optimal design for you, we require:

  • A list of all consumers including
    • Consumption per hour
    • Running time per day (ideally the exact hours of operation during the day)
    • Indication of consumers who are operating at the same time
  • Important: Starting currents for systems with large consumers (machines, pumps, 3-phase systems)
  • The location of the installation and, if applicable, influences on solar radiation (shading etc.)
  • Your current costs for electricity/diesel per year and, information on tariff differences for day/night electricity)


Now calculate the right storage for your project: GOP SUNSILO

Send us your details and we will calculate your self-sufficient power supply.

In order to simplify data collection, we have created a template for the relevant data. Download the template here and send us your request.

In addition, we also support you during and after the successful commissioning of your system. With our remote maintenance contract, you always have a direct contact person who keeps an eye on all components in the project and monitors their power supply.