The GOP battery bank has been specially designed for use with the GOP POWER BOX. It consists of four cycles solid solar AGM batteries at 12V (gas-tight, maintenance-free, technology: Lead fleece). Together, with the integrated battery cables in the set, they can be connected to a 48V battery bank. Connecting thread: M8

The GOP battery bank is available in the following sizes:

type usable power 50% DoD (C20)
55 Ah/ 48 V 2,5 kWh 1,3 kWh
100 Ah/ 48 V 4,8 kWh 2,4 kWh
150 Ah/ 48 V 7,2 kWh 3,6 kWh
200 Ah/ 48 V 9,6 kWh 4,8 kWh
260 Ah/ 48 V 12,48 kWh 6,24 kWh

Other sizes on request.


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