1.6 billion people worldwide have no power supply!
Electricity from the sun makes life easier ... the sun sends no bills! Become self-sufficient and turn on your light whenever you need it whenever you want.

GOP Solar Home Sets

The GOP Solar Home Sets are specially developed and assembled for electrification in rural areas. For a cheap power supply far away from the public power grid. From home lighting sets for home to cooling kits for vaccines, hospitals or kiosks to the solar well pumping station, GOP offers a variety of systems in a set.
An assembly drawing included is in the set. Assembly material for the attachment of the solar module is not included in the set due to different types of mounting, please ask your specialist partner or contact us, we are happy to help.

Set Pionier

For beginners in the area of weekend applications!
The Pioneer system is designed for around six 12 volt consumers, for an average runtime of 2 to 5 hours daily (depending on electricity consumption). (weekend operation from April to October)

Scope of delivery:
1 GOP 50 watt high-performance module
1 Maintenance-free solar GEL battery 12 volt / 75 Ah (C20)
1 Steca PR 0505 solar charge controller (12 V / 5 A)
1 1.5 m cable set for connecting the battery
1 5 m solar cable for connecting the solar module

Set Profi

For demanding users who want maximum comfort in the garden shed, for gardening and handicraft work.

The Profi system is designed for three to four 230 volt consumers (max. 200 watt), for an average duration of 0.5 to 3 hours daily (depending on electricity consumption). In addition, 12 volt consumers can also be integrated into the system. (weekend operation from April to October)

Scope of delivery:
1 Hochleistungsmodul 150 Watt
1 Studer Sinunswechselrichter AJ 500-12V (400 Watt, 12 VDC, inkl. 15 A Laderegler)
1 Wartungsfreie Solar GEL-Batterie 12 Volt / 200 Ah (C20)
1 1,5 m Kabelsatz für den Anschluss der Batterie
1 10 m Solarkabel zum Anschluss des Solarmodul

Football TV Set

The solar set for real fans!
Never miss another game – the Solar TV Set has sufficient battery capacity so that you can also enjoy extra time and penalty shoot-outs in peace and quiet. (Running time: up to 6 hours/day)

Scope of delivery:
1 GOP 100 watt high-performance module
1 24 Zoll LED-TV full HD with DVD-Player (12 Volt)
1 solar charge controller Steca Solsum 10.10F
1 Maintenance-free Solar AGM battery 12 Volt / 65 Ah
1 Mounting set for fitting the solar module to the roof of your caravan or garden shed
1 1,5 m cable set for connecting the battery
1 10 m solar cable for connecting the solar module
1 DVB-T antenna and 1 junction box

Solar Cooling Set

The Cooling Set has been developed for hospitals far away from the power grids. This makes it is also very popular with relief organizations for the cooling of vaccines and drugs.
It is also increasingly used by farmers/agriculturalists in rural areas to cool milk and foodstuffs.

Milky Way Set

The Milky Way Set is based on the utilization of milk-cans with removable insulation and the use of ice as a medium of refrigeration and storage of the milk. The ice is daily produced by a smart solar icemaker that works independent from the electrical grid. By placing 6 kg ice into the ice-compartment after the milk-can has been filled, the milk is safe for the next 6 hours at any weather conditions. Additionally 20 Liter of your evening milk can be stored overnight with 8 kg ice in the same milk-can. The milk cooling is insured during the different seasons. The removable insulation is to be used under warm weather conditions.

Technical data:
– Morning milk is safe under 20°C for 6h during transportation
– Evening milk can be stored under 10°C over the whole night
– Increase your productivity by regular milking times
– No production losses anymore
– High quality milk gives access to premium price and additional markets
– Variable compressor speed for maximising ice production
– Integrated fan to increase freezing rate
– Energy saving mode during night and cloudy days
– Use of batteries to increase daily ice production up to 30%
– Storage of 50 kg ice blocks to assure a autonomy of 5 days

Projector Set

The Projector Set is the ideal solution to show movies, sports matches, educational videos, powerpoint presentations etc to a big audiance completely independent from any electricity supply. It can be used in bars and restaurants, open-air cinemas, schools and training centers and due to the light weight components it is possible to use it as a portable solution. The set includes an LED projector, a foldable robust solar module, an AGM battery and electronics and cabling. The LED projector convinces due to its bright illumination and low energy consumption. Therefore the presentation time with a fully charged battery exeeds 3 hours. The projector has an integrated fileviewer, which enables to show videos etc. directly from a USB memory stick. Alternatively a laptop can be connected. The battery serves the projector via a DC/DC converter. The system can be extended by a sound system.

Technical data:
– Portable screening plug&play system
– Light-weight, energy-efficient video projector
– AGM battery storage
– Foldable, light-weight solar module
– Charge controller with USB-outlet
– Presentation time 3 hours
– Total weight approx. 22 kg


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