German off-grid power modules for off-grid solutions:
36 cells, mono- and poly-crystalline, in the range of 5 Wp up to 140 Wp

GOP high quality PV modules are a perfect synthesis out of German engineering, high qualified and cost effective production, high-end components and quality assurance.

Durch unser dreistrufiges Vertriebskonzept und der deutschen Qualität tragen unsere Modle welweit zur ländlichen Elektrifizierung bei.

  • High performance off-grid PV modules
  • Special manufactured for off-grid applications
  • Outstanding price performance ratio
  • Especially for off-grid applications in industrial field for example traffic: street lightning, traffic guidance systems, parking ticket machines etc.
  • For off-grid solutions such as holiday houses, country cottages, garden houses, hunting lodges, mobile homes, caravans, sailing ships, solar pumps etc.

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