GOP SUNSILO - the first solar emergency power system

No more power outages with GOP SUNSILO

The solar emergency power system SUN SILO, a scalable complete offgrid storage system ranging from 5kWh to the large container solution with 150kWh.

The first solar emergency power system: GOP SUNSILO

The SUNSILO is a complete lithium storage system including charge controller and inverter for connection to a photovoltaic system or another power source (diesel generator, CHP, etc.).
It can be operated both as an island system and with mains connection. In the event of a power failure in the network, the GOP SUNSILO automatically takes over the emergency power supply. The modular construction allows a high flexibility. Standard sizes are available from 5kWh to 150kWh. Protect yourself from power outages and become independent with our GOP SUNSILO storage system. Store and use your electricity when it is needed. This not only makes you self-sufficient, but it also makes you fast and flexible in your operation or in your production.
You reap a two-fold benefit and increase the profitability of the system by saving fuel or by reducing the power consumption from the grid.

Advantages of the system at a glance:

  • You become your own power supplier with precisely calculable costs!
  • Independence from energy providers, rising electricity prices and the public network!
  • Your self-generated solar power is significantly cheaper than that of your energy supplier - with growth potential! That means:
    High, long-term electricity price savings!
  • Emergency power supply and UPS with <10ms!
  • Bis zu 100 % Autarkie in den Sommermonaten. 0 % EEG-Umlage! Ohne Anmeldung beim EVU! Sie sind als Betreiber ohne Netzeinspeisung 100 % privat. Ohne „staatliche Abzocke“!
  • Top solar storage system „Made in Germany“. Innovative lithium storage system with the highest quality components!
  • Very simple "commissioning" for the installer
  • Scalable from 5 to 15kWh

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