GOP SUNSILO - the first solar emergency power system

General AC

The SUN SILO is a complete DC based lithium storage system including solar charge controller and inverter. Designed to store energy from a photovoltaic system or other energy source, it delivers reliable emergency power in less than 15ms. No matter if you want to ensure the power supply for your security technology, cooling aggregates, work-relevant devices in your company or simply in your private household, GOP SUNSILO guarantees uninterrupted operation in case of unstable mains supply. The SUNSILO also complements diesel aggregates and enables you to reduce your diesel and maintenance costs by up to 60%!

The SUN SILO system is available in both 1-phase and 3-phase versions and is always operated with one inverter per phase. A particular advantage is the high overload capacity of the inverters.

As the system is installed in a hot and dusty environment, reliability of the equipment is critically important. That's why we use German technology known for its robustness and performance in harsh climates.

Advantages at a glance

  • The SUN SILO offers a safe power supply independent of the public network operator through emergency power supply (UPS) in < 15ms!
  • Innovative complete lithium based storage system with high quality components "Made in Germany".
  • The self-produced solar power is significantly cheaper than the power provided by the supply company! This means: High, long-term cost reduction!
  • The SUNSILO complements loud and fuel intensive diesel generators which means that they are needed less often. This way you reduce diesel costs by up to 60% and minimize the maintenance requirements of your diesel aggregate.
  • The GOP SUN SILO system can be operated as ON-Grid and OFF-Grid system.
  • All SUN SILO storage systems can be operated, supplemented and expanded with combined heat and power units, wind turbines and other generators

Examples for the integration of the SUN SILO system into the power supply system

Which cells are used in the SUN SILO system?

Lithium iron phosphate batteries

The production of lithium-iron-manganese phosphate batteries requires high-tech manufacturing equipment as well as experience in cell production and is carried out under consideration of ecological aspects. The powder for the anode and cathode coating is mixed in a water-based process and this way it is assured that only water escapes during the drying process. This distinguishes our LiFeMnPo4 batteries from other competitors.


All cells are tested as safe according to UN38.3.


Properties of LiFeMnPo4 batteries
  • Standard continuous discharge current is recommended between 0.3C to 1C
  • The maximum continuous current is 3C
  • The maximum pulse discharge current for <10 sec. is 10C
  • The maximum charge current is 1C
  • Good working performance at temperatures from +5°C to +40°C.
  • The battery structure is stable and safe
  • Good working performance at low temperatures. The 100% discharge is defined at 20°C.
  • At temperatures below 0°C, the discharge current drops. Do not charge battery below 0°C.
  • Low cost in terms of performance/lifetime.
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing process based on a water-based mixing process of the electrode powder


Long life cycle

Cell capacity is in the range of 80% of initial capacity after 5000 cycles at 80% capacity usage.


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