Small Businesses

Satisfied clients despite power failure!

With the GOP SUNSILO system you can run your business reliably regardless of power failures. The smart storage system has a super-short reaction time of less than 15 milli-seconds in case of irregularities or power shortages from the grid. Due to this your customers will be able to profit from all your services regardless of any grid instabilities. In addition they will less often be disturbed by noises or smell of dirty diesel generators.

The system can even be installed in a hot and dusty environment, when reliability of the equipment is critically important. To provide this reliability we use German technology known for its robustness and performance in harsh climates.

With GOP SUN SILO your customers will be happy to buy products produced with power from renewable energies.

Advantages at a glance

  • Emergency power in under 15ms
  • Reliable support in case of power failure for up to 6 hours
  • High customer satisfaction thanks to trouble-free service
  • No diesel procurement and costly system maintenance (or reduction of fuel/operating costs)
  • Connection for photovoltaic modules, regular power grid, wind power & diesel generators
  • Long-term cost savings through solar power
  • Our, specially for this use, developed monitoring tool enables the safe monitoring of the GOP SUN SILO systems via the SUN SILO portal

Example for system installation


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