Telecom Masts

Energy self-sufficient transmission towers (48VDC) all over the country!

With the GOP SUN SILO system and the use of photovoltaic modules, you can profit from the sun's energy regardless of grid connections. That's why the GOP SUN SILO system is ideal for the operation of remote 48VDC telecommunication masts, as they only need to be reached for the installation and commissioning.

As the system is installed in a hot and dusty environment, reliability of the equipment is critically important. That's why we use German technology known for its robustness and performance in harsh climates.

Due to the lithium storage (LiFePo) which is contained in the SUN SILO, emergency power reserves can be kept for up to 8 days, allowing continuous operation without interruptions. The GOP SUN SILO system can also be used as a hybrid system in combination with wind or a diesel generator.

Advantages at a glance

  • Island operation without grid connection at 48VDC
  • No diesel procurement and costly system maintenance (or reduction of fuel/operating costs)
  • High quality components Made in Germany
  • Long-term cost savings through solar power
  • Our, specially for this use, developed monitoring tool enables the safe monitoring of the GOP SUN SILO systems via the SUN SILO portal

Example for system installation


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